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DJ Zung aka DJ Hypnotist

DJ Zung a.k.a DJ Hypnotist is a young and passionate DJ who enjoys putting a smile on everyone on the dance floor. Starting with a humble beginning of doing DJ part time while studying, his love for music and DJ has pushed him to join DJ competitions such as Your Shot Australia. From there, he has gone to bigger events like playing at the Oktoberfest in St Kilda. Lately, Zung had an opportunity to play music at the FFA cup grand final 2021 for the crowd of 15,000 people.

2017 Your shot.png

Beside playing for big events, Zung enjoy having a great time playing for wedding couples. Understanding the needs of a wedding is to make sure everyone (regardless of ages) to have fun, Zung knows how to mix music from different genres, generations and languages to ensure everyone is happy. You can check out some of his past works at his Instagram #dj_hypnotist

2019 DJ at dockside for Rupert (2).JPG
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